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Owner Giving Dog a Treat Outside

Pet Fasting Information

Your pet has been asked to fast prior to your visit

Certain procedures that your MBAH medical team may recommend warrant fasting to minimize complications such as vomiting, regurgitation, or pneumonia.

Withholding Food

Patients over 16 weeks of age and all adults:

Food should be withheld at least 6 hours (8 hours for brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Persians, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc.).

a. For morning appointments before 12 pm: No food after midnight.

b. For afternoon appointments after 12 pm: No food after 6 am.

Pediatric patients (6-16 weeks of age):

Feed a small meal 2-4 hours before anesthesia and surgery. Food should not be withheld for longer than 4 hours in your puppy or kitten as they do not have adequate energy reserves.

Special considerations (Diabetics, patients with insulinoma, endoscopy/colonoscopy patients, special laboratory testing, or other special circumstances):

Please call your MBAH medical team for instructions if you have not heard from them directly regarding fasting. There may be special instructions regarding longer or shorter fasting and changes in access to water.

A Gray Cat Leaning Against a Brown Dog next to a Food Bowl

Withholding Water

For any patient: Water can be given up to the time of your pet’s appointment, unless instructed otherwise by the MBAH team. Please contact your MBAH medical team if you have any questions or concerns regarding these instructions.

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